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Yamamoto Nao

Nao Yamamoto NY-3 “Core-Less Damascus Wild Hunter”

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伝統工芸士Dentoukougeishi are “Traditional Master Craftsmen” that have been recognized and certified by the Japanese “Ministry of International Trade & Industry”. This prestigious title was awarded to Forge-Master Nao Yamamoto, of Takefu City, in the year 2020 for his decades of hard work and extensive experience in traditional knife forging and handcrafting methods.

His knives are simple, functional and traditionally hammer forged. We can feel his passion, his desire for originality and his careful consideration of the user’s needs and perspective.

NY-3 “Core-Less Damascus Wild Hunter” 

Talented Forge-Smith Master Yamamoto spent considerable time creating the “Core-Less Custom Damascus Wild Hunter” knife.

What is Core-Less Damascus ?

As you know, traditional Damascus clad knives are produced by forge laminating different layers of metal together, taking advantage of the strength of each piece as an integrated unit while ensuring any weaknesses are balanced out by each layer. Until recently, forge laminating two high carbon steel alloys together was considered impossible, but advances in laminating technology have now made it possible to laminate two different high carbon Hagane steel alloys, such as VG-10 and VG-2, together. Master Yamamoto’s multi-layer stainless Damascus contains a total of 70 very thin layers of VG-10 and VG-2 steels. Since VG-10 and VG-2 are both Hagane steel, the layered Damascus steel can be used for the entire blade, including the cutting edge; This is known as a "Core-less Damascus" blade. Thanks to this state-of-the-art technology it is possible to create a 'perfect blend' that offers a long-lasting, extremely sharp cutting edge and is also resistant to bending, breaking and rusting. The right blend of steel layers can also produce wonderful patterns, such as this beautiful vortex Damascus pattern. A handcrafted leather sheath, with belt loop, is also included with the knife.

Beautiful Core-Less Damascus blade with hand contoured Wild Stag Antler Handle.

Core-Less Damascus Drop Point Blade: 2.2mm thick, 90mm blade, 220mm overall, Weight 104g


Knife Model: Nao Yamamoto NY-3 “Core-Less Damascus Wild Hunter”
Blade Material: Core-Less Damascus
Rockwell Hardness (HRc.): 60 to 62
Handle Material: Wild Stag Handle
Leather Sheath: Included
Overall Length: 220mm (8 ⅝ inches)
Blade Length: 90mm (3 9/16 inches)
Blade Thickness: 2.2mm (3/32 inch approximately)
Weight: 104g (3.7oz)


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