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Dew Hara

Next Generation Custom Art Knives, Blending Contemporary Style & Traditional Japanese Motifs

 Dew Hara, the son of Koji Hara, is now 43 years old. Growing up in a knife making family, Dew naturally became involved in knife making by helping his father and learning his techniques. As you may know, Master Koji Hara created his own distinct genre of Art knives, which famously feature precise, detailed hand inlay work, and draw upon the aesthetics of traditional Japanese art and craft objects. Now that Dew has studied and worked for over 20 years at his father's workshop, it's time for him to follow his own path and develop his own distinct aesthetic style. Of course, this process is neither easy nor quick, but he has a passion and a great talent for creating his own unique knife designs and concepts. We, at JKD / The Kencrest Corp., would like to work with Dew and support him as he progresses towards his final goal.

 In addition to training with his father, Dew is also a protégé of the famous American custom knifemaker, Anthony Marfione. Unfortunately, Dew had to return to Japan after two years due to a visa problem, but it was a valuable experience because he leaned techniques and approaches that his father doesn’t use. Upon his return, he was motivated to design the unique "NOAH" series of Tactical Folders.