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The outstanding forged knives by Echigo Forge-Smiths, Master Tsukasa Hinoura and his son, Mutsumi Hinoura are the top notch in every aspect. We call it “Honed Beauty”, that expresses their soul and passion backed by the solid skills and timeless work.

 We often heard a good rumor and reputation of the outstanding forge-smith, named "Tsukasa Hinoura" in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, another Japan's cutlery producing district of traditional "Echigo" Forged Knives.

 Having our business based in Seki, we have a meeting frequently with major knife makers in Seki to discuss a production schedule, new products and general matters. While talking with Master Hattori, he spoke very well of Master Hinoura's work. Since he is a knife-master who never compromises and admires, I'm bit surprised to see that he has other knife-maker to admire and respect, but I understand only the top level craftsmen can respect each other and share the same feelings. We've heard same story from the knife expert and metallurgist, Mr. Onoue in Seki. He mentioned that Master Hinoura's knife is the best in the forged knives both in function and beauty. He has made metal analysis and testing of all kinds of knives, and proved that Master Hinoura's knife was in top ranking in every aspect. It can stand hard uses without warping and breaking.

Tsukasa Hinoura Knife Making

 Our first impression of Master Hinoura knives are the "Honed Beauty", and we can recognize the skills, times and passions behind it. It is the perfect knife with beautiful seamless line and form, no sharp corners, no distortion, no gaps etc. Master Hinoura devotes tremendous times from start to finish one knife for every detail. Master Hinoura expresses his soul and passion into the blades with his traditional methods of hammer forging, handcrafting and water quenching.

 His rich knowledge of each steel characteristic, and his insatiable pursuit mind and commitment make a perfect knife in the distinctive world of Japanese Forged Knives (和鍛冶).

 Each blade edge is hand honed with Japanese whetstones from course to super fine grits, creating sparkling rainbow colors (Honed Beauty). The distinct Damascus patterns are from his forging technique to give you a visual art as well as the highest level of craftsmanship