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Makkari JM-140 Pocket Skinner, 3-1/4" Mirror polished 440C Blade

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Junpei Makari is a young talented Custom Knifemaker in Fukuoka, Japan. He is an avid Hunter, Fisherman and Camper, and believes the skilled outdoor expert can create excellent and practical knives. He designs practical knives based on his field activities and tests each knife in every field situation. 

He makes knives in users' mind to meet with their demands. He uses a common steel of 440C or AUS-8 for tough blades to chipping and breaking, and also easy maintenance (rust resistance and ease of re-sharpening), He is a member of Japan Knife Guild, and is attending domestic knife shows to offer his "Makkari" brand knives. JKD is pleased to introduce his knives to overseas' market.

JM-140 Pocket Skinner Large:  The larger version of JM-130. This is Junpei's most popular standard model for all purpose utility EDC knife. Compact and Lightweight skeleton Neck-carry knife with 3-1/4" 440C half-mirror polished hollow ground drop point blade with thumb notches on back,  3-1/2" Hand rounded blackened 440C Stainless steel handle with 3 holes and lanyard on end, Comes with Black TAFBILON (Japan made material similar to Kydex) sheath with Neck strap 

440C blade in 4.0mm thick, 85mm blade, 180mm overall , Weight 80g 


Knife Model: Junpei Makari "MAKKARI" JM-140 Pocket Skinner Large
Blade Material: 440C Stainless steel

Handle Material: Blackened 440C Stainless steel

Overall Length: 158mm

Blade Length: 85mm
Blade Thickness: 4.0mm
Weight: 80g

Tafbilon sheath with Neck strap: Included.


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