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Hattori HA-50 50th Anniversary Special Edition, Trout & Bird "Micarta Handle"

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 The ultimate line of knives by the experienced craftsman, Ichiro Hattori with his never compromise character and craftsmanship.

 In the final finishing work, Hattori gives special care to check every detail, blade grinding and polishing flows, warping, angles and handle shaping, fitting etc etc.... Every knife that does not meet with his strict quality standard, is returned to be reworked from the beginning or thrown away.

 His "Never Compromise" attitude to seek the finest workmanship has made him called as "World's Best Knife Craftsman". He was also honored to receive "Excellent Skilled Craftsman Award" from Seki Knife Industrial Association.  

 When you hold his knife in hand and actually use it, you will know and admit that he really deserve it.

This year 2021 is the Hattori's 50th Anniversary of Special Year. The Hattori HA-50 Trout&Bird Knife is the Special Edition for celebrating Hattori company's 50th Anniversary and produced for only 50Pcs.

Another great design of the "Hunter" series designed by Custom Knife Maker "Bob Lum" and produced by premier knifemaker, Hattori.  The VG-10 blades with lightweight bolsterless black Micarta versions of Bob Lum "Hunter" series. An elegant black Micarta handle handsomely pinned on the full tang with eight brass pins. Comes with leather thong and sheath.

Hattori HA-50  Trout and Bird  3.1-inch slim VG-10 Utility knife, ideal for Trout and Bird hunters, 7-inch overall,

VG-10 blade in 2.5mm thick, 80mm blade, 175mm overall, weight 52g

Knife Model: Hattori HA-50 50th Anniversary "Trout & Bird"
Blade Material: VG-10
Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 60
Handle Material: Black Micarta Handle
Overall Length: 175mm
Blade Length: 80mm
Blade Thickness: 2.5mm
Weight: 52g


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