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Sotaro "Tobasami®" Traditional Forged Dressmaker’s / Tailor’s Shears (230mm to 260mm, 3 Sizes)

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Recently, we discovered a passage in a book that described the history of Traditional Forged Dressmaker's Shears in Japan. We were impressed by their quality and the 400 year old traditions that have been preserved and handed down to the current generation. According to the passage, around 400 years ago a Japanese sword smith known as “Yakichi” started to make traditional forged dressmaker’s shears in the Edo (Tokyo) region. At this point in time, dressmaker’s shears and Western clothes were gradually being imported in to Japan from the West and, as they gained popularity, demand grew. After researching these dressmaker’s shears, “Yakichi” began to produce his own shears using many of the same forging techniques and skills that he had previously used to make swords. 

Today, some 400 years later, there are still small areas in Tokyo where several of these traditional forge-smiths and craftsmen continue to produce Traditional Japanese Forged Dressmaker’s Shears. One of these craftsman is called “Sotaro” and he is a 5th generation disciple of “Yakichi”, the original pioneer. From one generation to the next, "Yakichi’s" special production methods and passion have been successively passed down from Master to apprentice. Today, "Sotaro" produces some of the best quality Traditional Japanese Forged Dressmaker’s Shears that are available. 

While there are many machine-made scissors and shears available on the market today, we love the comfortable and smooth cutting action of these hand forged, handmade Traditional Japanese Dressmaker’s Shears. We are proud to introduce these historic shears due to the high quality of their craftsmanship and we have confidence that their Mirror Polished Hitachi Yasugi Hagane (High Carbon Steel HRc. 60-61) blades will serve you faithfully for many years. 

Please Note: While the brass pivot bolt and nut can be used to adjust the cutting action of the shears, this should not be necessary as they have already been carefully adjusted by the manufacturer. Similarly, while the shears can be disassembled for sharpening, the manufacturer recommends that this process is only done by a professional sharpening service or a very experienced user.

You can select your favorite size at your preference.

ST-1 Sotaro Traditional Forged Dressmaker’s / Tailor’s Shears 230 mm

Overall Length: 230 mm

Blade Cutting Length: 95 mm (4 inches approximately)

Weight: 178g   

ST-2 Sotaro Traditional Forged Dressmaker’s / Tailor’s Shears 245 mm

Overall Length: 245 mm

Blade Cutting Length: 100 mm (4 inches approximately)

Weight: 228g


ST-3 Sotaro Traditional Forged Dressmaker’s / Tailor’s Shears 260 mm

Overall Length: 260 mm

Blade Cutting Length: 110 mm (4 ½ inches approximately)

Weight: 246g




Knife Model: Sotaro "Tobasami®" Traditional Forged Dressmaker’s / Tailor’s Shears 
Blade Material: Hitachi Yasugi Hagane Japanese Carbon Steel
Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 60 to 61
Handle Material: Damascus Stainless Steel Handle


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