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Ittoryu IM-120 Traditional Higonokami Folding Knife 肥後守、日立青紙本割込、槌目

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Japanese Traditional Higonokami Folder is still being produced by Blacksmith in the historical forging city, Miki in Hyogo-prefecture. 

IM-120  "Ittoryu 一刀流" Higonokami Folding Knife has an unique Tsuchime Hammered texture on the blade and handle, High carbon steel Hitachi Aogami (Blue steel) San Mai clad blade has a Hamon-like wave pattern with traditional Kissaki sharp tip and Chigiri one hand opening lever on end, One-piece bended soft iron handle. Slip-joint. We can feel the old-fashioned forge-smith's  craftsmanship spirits from the overall appearance, that is truly Japanese traditional knife. Comes with Japanese traditional Kiri-wood gift box.

Available in 4 sizes of your choice (7/27/2023 Up! Added IM-120SS Mini size)

IM-120L  Large  4" (100mm) blade in 3.6mm thick, 8-1/2" (220mm) overall in open, weight 130g

IM-120M  Medium  3" (75mm) blade in 3.8mm thick, 6-1/2" (170mm) overall in open, weight 90g

IM-120S  Small  2-1/2" (65mm) bade in 3.7mm thick, 6" (150mm) overall in open, weight 70g

IM-120SS  Mini 1-5/8" (43mm) blade in 4.0mm thick, 4" (104mm) overall in open, weight 50g (This mini size in black cardboard box)

* The last photo shows IM-120S Small and IM-120SS Mini for size comparison 


Knife Model: Ittoryu IM-120 Higonokami
Blade Material: High Carbon Steel Hitachi Aogami San Mai Clad
Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 60
Handle Material: Hammered Texture Soft Iron Handle
Kiri-wood Gift Box : Included 


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