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Seizo Imai

Seizo Imai by Inagaki SI-55 "Big Fighter", AUS-8 Blade, Stag & Wood Combo Handles

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Talented Custom knifemaker Seizo Imai in Seki, creating fine detailed handmade Replica knives of famous R.W. Loveless, Jess Horn, Centofante, Ron Lake, Remington etc with 45 years of knifemaking experiences and skills.

His detailed and sensitive personal touch of quality custom made knives have been attracting many of serious knife collectors all over the world.

Sadly, Genius Custom Knife Craftsman Mr. Seizo Imai has passed away in the year 2014 at age of 68, after aggressively working to make fine knives for over 50 years. He loved knives and knifemaking.

I have helped his wife to close the workshop, and received some unfinished blades, handles and parts. After six years, I had these components assembled and finished by another Seki Custom Knifemaker, Fumio Inagaki who used to work for Master Imai. Mr. Inagaki recently came up in nice work at reasonable price.  Here is the Imai and Inagaki collaboration knives.

SI-55  "BIG FIGHTER"  This is the Fighting knife Master Seizo Imai has produced about 30 years ago for "French Revolution 200th Anniversary". It was a limited edition for 200 pieces, but we found some blades and hilts left at his workshop, when closed, and we had Mr. Fumio Inagaki (apprentice of Master Imai) assembled and finished recently.  7-5/8 AUS-8 Satin brushed Hollow ground Spear point blade with swedge and long blood groove,  5-1/2" Hand contoured Stag & Exotic wood Combo handles with Satin brushed Nickel silver hilt and Red fiber spacer. Full tapered tang with Nickel silver rivets and tubular lanyard hole, Comes with Handmade custom Leather sheath with soft Ho-wood liners and belt loop. 13" overall.

Note:  This is exactly same knife as Hattori FT-200 Big Fighter (Actually, Mr. Imai was first to make it), but Mr. Inagaki's finish work is a bit rough compared with Master Imai and Hattori. If you demand a perfect quality, we recommend  Hattori FT-200 Big Fighter at $550. 

Available with SI-55A Stag & Boxelder Burl wood Combo handle and SI-55B Rosewood & Stag Combo handle

AUS-8 blade in 5mm thick, 195mm blade, 340mm overall, Weight 311g


Knife Model: Seizo Imai SI-55 "Big Fighter" AUS-8 Blade, Combo Handle
Blade Material: AUS-8 Stainless steel  
Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 58 
Handle Material: Stag & Exotic wood Combo Handle
Overall Length: 340mm 
Blade Length: 195mm 
Blade Thickness: 5mm 
Weight: 311g

Leather Sheath Included: Yes


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