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Hiroshi Saito

Hiroshi Saito SH-22 Smart Elegant Utility-Skinner

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 "Dignified elegance". These words describe Custom Knife Maker Hiroshi Saito's dedicated custom works.

At the Seki Outdoor Knife Show in October 2014, I fell in love with this sophisticated handmade knife collection. When I picked this knife up and had a closer look, I saw that every little detail had been carefully taken care of, it had a perfect grip and balance, overall it was the fruit of its creator's spirit and philosophy.

Hiroshi Saito, the maker of this knife, has dedicated many long years to creating custom knives. The making process for custom knives is very different from that of factory knives, which use many standardized, automated processes. Making custom knives requires effort, and the value of the final product lies in how well the product reflects the creator's philosophy and the perfection of their skills.

SH-22 Smart Elegant Utility-Skinner Beautifully hand-polished, Hair Lined Finished D-2 Steel, 3.9' Skinner Blade comes with a custom handmade 4.6' "Hand sculpted" Ebonywood Handle with Brass Hilt that are securely fastened to a hidden tang. From the handle and hilt design to the finishing touches on the blade spine, his work reflects a keen sense of sensitivity and elegance. Each element is thoughtfully considered to create an overall design of exceptional quality. Comes with a custom handmade dark-brown leather sheath.

Aggressive, yet Smart Skinner Blade design, this combination goes very well with Master Saito's elegance and detailed custom hand works. SH-22 Smart Elegant Utility-Skinner.

D-2 Steel blade: 4mm thick, 100mm blade, 210mm overall, Weight 125g

Knife Model: Saito Hiroshi SH-22 Smart Elegant Utility-Skinner
Blade Material: D-2 Steel
Rockwell Hardness (HRc.): 61
Handle Material:  "Hand sculpted" Ebonywood Handle with Brass Hilt
Leather Sheath: Included
Overall Length: 210mm (8.2 inches)
Blade Length: 100mm (3.9 inches)
Blade Thickness: 4mm (0.15 inch)
Weight: 125g (4.4oz)


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