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Yuta Katayama

Yuta Katayama YK-9 Stream River Utility II (Green Linen Micarta Handle)

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Mr. Katayama apprenticed with the famous Echizen Forge Smith Takeshi Saji for many years. But he now runs his own workshop and is currently trying to make his own unique style of traditional forged knives, using all his passion, skill and experience.

Ever since he started working with Takeshi Saji, he has dreamed of becoming a custom knife maker with a his own unique style and ideas for traditional forged knives. Now, after many years of hard work and studying, his dream is becoming a reality.


Mr. Katayama believes the user’s needs and the user’s experience are very important, so he carefully considers them when he is designing and making his knives.


One of his special skills and great advantages is being able to design and handcraft his own custom handles, all by himself.


We look forward to seeing and introducing more of his distinctive handmade custom knives in the future, as he further develops his own creative ideas and unique style.


YK-9 Stream River Utility II has a beautiful and polished VG-10 Damascus blade core and outer cladding layers of forge laminated Nickel-Stainless Damascus steel which reminds me the beautiful mountain's Stream River.

The Compact Slim Utility Blade with the hand contoured Green Linen Micarta Handle, overall design and fit&finish are well-considered by Mr. Katayama, makes stable and fine grip and designed for practical use in the Stream River Fishing. The knife also features a full tang construction. Handmade Graysh Color Leather sheath, with belt loop, is also included.

VG-10 Nickel Damascus blade 2.4mm thick, 90mm blade, 180mm overall, Weight 74g


Knife Model: Yuta Katayama YK-9 Stream River Utility II (Green Linen Micarta Handle)

Blade Material: VG-10 Nickel Damascus

Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 60 to 62

Handle Material: Custom Handmade Green Linen Micarta Handle 

Sheath: Graysh Color Leather Sheath Included

Overall Length: 180mm

Blade Length: 90mm

Blade Thickness: 2.4mm

Weight: 74g


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