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Tomoyoshi Arakawa


Tomoyoshi Arakawa TA-09 Dream Time V

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At the Seki Knife Festival’s Outdoor Knife Show, my heart was completely stolen by a collection of very distinctive and beautifully handcrafted custom knives. I became very interested in these custom knives and the craftsman who made them, so I asked him about his knife making story and his knife making philosophy.

The gentleman’s name is Tomoyoshi Arakawa and, while he is already a veteran custom knife maker, he continues to challenge himself to seek out and create his own inspiration, ideas, designs and techniques so that he can create truly distinctive custom knives.

At a young age, he fell in love with the beautiful “GERBER Silver Knight” knife, became interested in custom knife making and then began his knife making career. We believe his pure passion and love of knives greatly helped him to increase his custom knife making skills and techniques during his decades of custom knife making work, which involved considerable effort, many trials and many errors.

During the last 3 years, Mr. Arakawa has spent a great deal of time and energy developing his own special handcrafted custom resin handles.  I could not resist the attraction of his collection of custom knives, which are mysterious, beautiful and wonderfully made. His handmade Custom Resin Handle can be viewed from a variety of angles, with each view providing a uniquely beautiful and exciting scene. He pays special attention when selecting the parts and crafting the handle, always seeking to make his own distinct creation and recreate the joyous feeling that his original dream knife gave him.

This distinctive collection of dream knives are 100% Custom Handmade and are 100% the product of his Mr. Arakawa’s own creative ideas and spirit.

In the future, we are excited to see more of his beautiful creations and masterpieces as he produces them for our business, and our customers.

Tomoyoshi Arakawa TA-09 Dream Time V

3.1 inch Mist Finished, Solid CRMO-7 Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade with Hollow grind. This Full-Tang knife is fitted with a impressive art of Mr. Arakawa's original handmade Custom Resin Handle that has Good Weight and Durability. 

CRMO-7 is an improved steel developed for the blades of razors. It boasts exceptional rust resistance and durability.  Although its hardness is rated at HRC 58 HRC, the specific composition remains undisclosed. Its toughness and strength, is 1.8 times that of 440C and approximately 1.4 times that of ATS34. 

Production of CRMO-7 Stainless Steel has currently been discontinued from Steel Company, yet CRMO-7 Steel of the knives has received favorable and positive feedbacks for the outdoor knives and fishing knives. CRMO-7 is distinctive steel material now. 

He pays special attention when selecting many of the watch parts and crafting his original dream knife. His handmade Custom Resin Handle can be viewed from a variety of angles, with each view providing a uniquely beautiful and exciting scene. This predominantly black color hybrid handle highlights the intricate details, three-dimensional quality, and artistic essence of the watch components. Meanwhile, the beautifully polished silver-colored knife blade and hilt complement each other perfectly, resulting in a magnificent piece of art.

Solid CRMO-7 One-Piece Blade : 2.5mm thick, 80mm blade, 177mm overall, Weight 41g

Knife Model: Tomoyoshi Arakawa TA-09 Dream Time V
Blade Material: CRMO-7 Stainless Steel
Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 58
Handle Material:  Mr. Arakawa's original Handmade Custom Resin Handle with Stainless Steel Hilt
Leather Sheath: Included.
Overall Length: 177mm
Blade Length: 80mm
Blade Thickness: 2.5mm
Weight: 41g



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