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Takeshi Saji


Takeshi Saji TS-40 Kiridashi-Seiryu | White Steel No.2 Damascus

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Echizen Blacksmith, Takeshi Saji is the leading knife maker in Takefu city, another historical knife city in Japan. Creating unique Hunting Knives with ingenious ideas and traditional technology in overwhelming power.

 TS-40 Kiridashi-Seriryu has the unique mountain-river fish design motif, Hitachi Shirogami (White steel) Layered Damascus skeleton knife ( 200mm overall ),  65mm cutting edge length blade / 3.3mm thick blade, Fuji-maki (Wistaria wrapped handle. Comes with a Kiri Wooden box. 

Knife Model: Takeshi Saji TS-40 Kiridashi-Seiryu 
Blade Material: White Steel No.2 Damascus
Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 60 to 62
Handle Material: Fuji-maki (Wistaria wrapped handle
Kiri Wooden Box: Included.
Overall Length: 200mm
Cutting Edge Length: 65mm
Blade Thickness: 3.3mm
Weight: 93g



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