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Ritsu Maruyama RM-20 "LITTLE DAGGER" DS93X Hakkapella Damascus blade

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In 2008, some of the knife authorities in Seki formed the "Seki Challengers Knife Club" to train and impart traditional Seki knife making techniques and knowledge to young Seki knife craftsmen. There are now 15 club members, who gather once a month. They all work at Seki knife factories, and are challenged to make their own knives after work and at weekends.

JKD is trying to support and encourage them by introducing their knives for sale. Here are some of the latest knives received:


Mr. Ritsu Maruyama is a talented and aggressive young knife maker working at Hattori Hamono and is an apprentice to the Grand Master Ichiro Hattori. He likes to make tactical knives and he pays attention to the details to ensure a perfect fit and finish. Since his time is limited to after work and weekends, he can only make one or two knives each year. Last year, we introduced his first knife, the Sub-Hilt Fighter and Little Fighter", which quickly sold out. As a knife maker in training, he devotes tremendous time to making each knife, perfecting the finish and ignoring profitability. 

This is an elegant 4"Little Dagger made of Mirror polished DS93X Hakkapella Damascus steel, a powder metallurgy Damascus steel made from two different hardenable steel grades (RWL34 and PMC27). These two alloys are fused by forge welding and folding the billet repeatedly, until there are more than 100 layers.  2-1/2" Pearl Shell handle with 950ag Silver inlay and red G10 liner. Comes with Black Shark-skin leather sheath that has soft white Deer-skin liners. Gift boxed. A beautiful Art Knife piece! 

DS93X Hakkapella Damascus blade: 4.0mm thick, 100mm blade, 165mm overall, weight 90g

Knife Model: Ritsu Maruyama RM-20 Little Dagger
Blade Material: DS93X Hakkapella Damascus Hollow ground Dagger style blade 
Rockwell Hardness (HRc.): 60-62
Handle Material: White Pearl Shell with 950ag Silver inlay and Red G10 liner
Overall Length: 165mm (6 ½ inches)
Blade Length: 100mm (4 inches)
Blade Thickness: 4.0mm (5/32 inch approximately)
Weight: 90g (3.2oz)


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