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Mcusta Custom Limited Edition Platinum Label Series MCPV-003/4/5/6 "Four Seasons"

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-An Evolution of our discriminated product concept-

The precision inlay work Mcusta Custom Limited Edition just came up with a theme of "Japanese Four Seasons" (日本の四季) featuring each Japanese traditional seasonal object and motif of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter on the wooden Folding Fan (扇子) and Gold Folding Screen (金屏風) inspired from the ancient art screen  扇面散図屏風、Important National Treasure in Edo Period (1700 year)

It shows floating Folding Fans in the water called "Oogi Nagashi" ( 扇流し), that was the graceful entertainment for aristocrats in medieval times to enjoy the elegance.  We can still see this traditional event at Mifune festival held every May in Kyoto.

We have expressed this scene on the Brass handle with black coated trim representing Gold screen, and Folding fan in a water stream that is patina finished (a bright bluish-green encrustation or patina formed on brass by atmospheric oxidation). It is a time-consuming process, and you will enjoy a color change by times. 

This Mcusta "Platinum Label" Custom Limited Edition will be produced only 25 pieces each of Four Seasons with serial numbers of "001-025" engraved on the blade heel. The polished Brass handle has a precious Japanese Persimmon wood (黒柿) Folding Fan inlaid on the middle with Blue stream line and each seasonal objects perforated on the brass. 

MCPV-003 Spring 春 - Cherry blossoms (桜) inlaid on the wooden fan in Copper and Stainless steel and perforated on the brass handle (Gold screen)

MCPV-004 Summer 夏 - Mr. Fuji (富士山) and Sun (太陽) inlaid on the wooden fan in Stainless and  Copper, and Grass perforated on the brass handle (Gold screen)

MCPV-005 Autumn 秋 - Maple leaves (紅葉) inlaid on the wooden fan in Brass and Copper and perforated on the brass handle (Gold screen)

MCPV-006 Winter 冬 - Rabbit (兎) - inlaid on the wooden fan in Stainless steel and Snow fall perforated on the wooden fun and brass handle (Gold screen)

Folding Liner lock knife with 3-5/8" SPG2 (Super Gold II) Powdered steel core forge layered San Mai Stainless steel Spear point blade with oxidized wave Hamon and Hammered Tsuchime & swedge on back, Thumb opening hole. Each blade is marked with Mcusta logo and red Rakuin on front, and "Platinum Label" on back. 4-3/4" Brass handle with 420J2 Stainless steel liners and spacer in black coating and filed,  Comes with acrylic knife stand for display, and Kiri-wood case

SPG2 San Mai blade in 2.8mm thick, 92mm blade,, 213mm in open, Weight 160g

Knife Model: Mcusta Custom Limited Edition Series MCPV-003/4/5/6 "Four Seasons"
Blade Material: SPG2  SAN MAI
Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 59-60
Handle Material:  Brass handle with inlay works
Overall Length: 213mm
Blade Length: 92mm
Blade Thickness: 2.8mm
Weight: 160g  

Kiri-Wood Gift box: Included.


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