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Hiroshi Suzuki

Hiroshi Suzuki HS-100 Trout & Bird Knife

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At the Seki Knife Show, we met a gentleman called Suzuki Hiroshi, who has over 35 years of custom knife making experience and considerable knowledge of the knife making process and industry. The collection of knives on his table included numbers of sophisticated and attractive custom knives.

He is a very kind and intelligent man, who teaches young talented Japanese custom knife makers about custom knife making skills, the knife market and many other related subjects. Due to his high quality work, and his efforts, he has gained many fans in the knife industry. 

His custom knife making vision and passion can be sensed and seen in every small detail of the sophisticated custom knives in his collection, which are all hand made to an excellent overall quality level.

His techniques and skills were developed during his unique family upbringing and personal history.

His father runs a small factory, in Saitama Prefecture, which produces the ‘precision nipper’ type of finger nail cutter. While he was a young boy, he spent many, many hours helping his father at work. During this time his hands and body naturally learned many different handcrafting techniques and he gradually learned how to handle, shape and sharpen many different kinds of cutlery steel. 

About 35 years ago, he became interested in metal processing and began making his own custom knives. Now he is an active member of the Japan Knife Guild and he attends various knife shows.

His highly mirror polished blades are just outstanding and have an exceptionally well considered overall design and fit & finish - These fine details reflect his passion, intelligence and sensitivity.

We think “Beauty without compromise” are the best words to describe his custom knife making philosophy and his artistic custom knives.He uses rare and premium materials for both the blades and the handles of his knives. 

Please discover the passion and sensitive works of this Veteran Japanese Custom Knife Maker. In the future, we hope to introduce you to more custom knife art from his wonderful collection.

HS-100 Trout & Bird Knife  Beautiful Black Nickel Damascus blade in twist pattern made from the American made Damascus billet bought at the Blade show, 5-1/8" V-grind upswept blade with long false edge on back, 5-1/4" Sambar Stag horn/Desert Ironwood handle with Oiled Bone spacers, Hidden tang with solid Brass Hilt and Duralumine Butt cap, Comes with custom made double stitched Brown Leather Sheath with belt loop

Nickel Damascus blade in 4.0mm thick, 131mm blade, 263mm overall, Weight 210g

Knife Model: Hiroshi Suzuki HS-100 Trout & Bird Knife
Blade Material: Black Nickel Damascus blade in twist pattern 
Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 
Handle Material: Sambar Stag horn/Desert Ironwood handle with Oiled Bone spacers, Hidden tang with solid Brass Hilt and Duralumine Butt cap
Leather Sheath: Included.
Overall Length: 263mm
Blade Length: 131mm
Blade Thickness: 4.0mm
Weight: 210g



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