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Hiro Knives

HIRO HR-701 9-pc. Wood Carving Knife Set

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At the Seki Cutlery Festival, many visitors and customers showed interest in buying one particular item in the showcases: the Hiro 9-pc. Wood Carving Tool Set. 

The set comes with 9 different tools: 2 Kiridashi knives (12mm & 21mm), 1 carving / pen knife, 4 Shokoku-To (Gouge 12mm, gouge 5mm, v gouge 8mm & flat chisel 10mm), 1 Saw blade (75mm long, 1.5mm tooth spacing) and 1 Double-sided File (52mm long, rough and fine).

The blades are made from V-Toku#2 High Carbon steel (62 HRc., excepting saw) and have Dark Colored Natural Wood handles. The included 9-pocket Canvas Cloth Tool Roll neatly stores all of the tools and an Instruction Sheet is thoughtfully included in the Gift Box.

Please note: These Carving Tools are not recommended for use on hard woods.