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Hinoura / Ajikataya HA-1 Japanese Traditional Hatchet | White Steel No.2

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Echigo Blacksmith, Hinoura Family has over 100 years of history and experience in the knife making arts. 3rd Generation Tsukasa Hinoura and 4th Genearion Mutsumi Hinoura’s works are full of passion.

We highly respect the craftsmanship and spirit of both Tsukasa and Mutsumi; both of them are committed to finding their own unique way to best express their skill and passion for knife making.

It was about eight years ago that I first saw Master Hinoura’s handmade hammer-forged Kurouchi (“Black forged”) knives. I was impressed by the powerful appearance of his knives and I thought that they clearly reflected his personality and spirit. He takes particular care with the fine details of his knives and each of them has a finely polished blade edge and a beautiful authentic Kurouchi (“Black forged”) surface finish. Today, some six years after I first encountered Master Hinoura’s impressive traditional hammer-forged knives, we are proud to introduce his work to our customers.

 Hinoura/Ajikataya HA-1  This is a Japanese traditional Hatchet called "地形鉈” standard and practical size and shape used by professional lumberjack for mountain work, and campers to prepare firewood. 8-inch Heavy duty Hitachi Shirogami No.2 (White steel) Hagane edge core (Hamaguri-ba double edge) wrapped with soft Iron (軟鉄) for durability to chipping and breaking, 8" x 2-1/4" square blade of Black forged top in 6.7mm, beads-blasted middle and polished Hagane edge, 7-inch rounded Oakwood handle with Black metal ring hilt (Half tang), Comes with wooden sheath covered with black leather-like soft material and metal trim, and belt loop & strap.

Shirogami No.2 blade in 6.7mm thick, 205mm long x 60mm wide, 390mm overall, Weight 630g


Knife Model: Hinoura/Ajikataya HA-1 Japanese Hatchet | White Steel No.2 Kurouchi
Blade Material: White Steel No.2 Kurouchi
Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 60 to 62
Handle Material:  Natural Oak Wood handle with black metal hilt
Wooden Sheath: Included.
Overall Length: 390mm
Blade Length: 205mm
Blade Thickness: 6.7mm
Weight: 630g



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