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Hattori 傘 SAN Limited Edition SAN-56 Custom Strong Hunter (Feather Wood Handle)

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Master Hattori is now over 80 years old. In Japan, a person’s 80th birthday is commemorated with a special celebration called 傘寿 / Sanjyu. To celebrate his special anniversary year, and his proud achievements as a Master craftsman, Hattori has decided to produce a Special Limited Edition Collection of knives called the 傘 San Series.

The Hattori 傘 San Series knife collection will feature special, very limited production models, which Master Hattori can no longer produce in large quantities due to the rarity or limited availability of handle materials or blade materials.

For the year 2022, Master Hattori has decided to expand the production of his SAN and GECKO Custom Handmade knife collections. While all of the other Hattori knife collections are also handmade (In fact, nearly all of the manufacturing steps are completed entirely by hand), Master Hattori has decided to focus efforts on building  100% custom handmade knife collections, which Hattori will personally be making entirely by hand; From hand cutting the steel for the blade blank, to the final shaping and finishing of the handle. These custom knives will be produced in very limited numbers and we know that our customers will appreciate Master Hattori’s detailed work, experienced craftsmanship and the distinctive custom 'taste' of these knives.


Hattori SAN Limited Edition SAN-56 Custom Strong Hunter:

Offering outstanding cutting performance, this sturdy and hefty, durable hunting knife has a 5.5 Inch Hollow Ground Hitachi ATS-34 Stainless Steel blade that has been carefully hand-ground and hand-polished. Master Hattori has selected the  natural wood Feather Wood, because of its good strength, durability, and unique natural texture (like the bird's feather) and produced only 1Pc with "2022. Only One Made" engraved on the bolster. This knife has a solid Stainless Steel Hilt. It is presented in a Gift box that has a special Sanjyu ("80-year anniversary") gold label and commemorative message from Master Hattori. A hand-stitched leather sheath with belt loop is also included. 

ATS-34 blade is 5mm thick & 140mm long, 260mm overall length, Weight 266g



Knife Model: Hattori 傘 SAN Limited Edition SAN-56 Custom Strong Hunter

Blade Material: ATS-34 Stainless Steel

Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 60

Handle Material:  Custom Handmade Feather Wood Handle with a solid Stainless Steel Hilt

Leather Sheath: Included.

Overall Length: 260mm (10.2 inches)

Blade Length: 140mm (5.5 inches)

Blade Thickness: 5mm (0.2 inch)

Weight: 266g (2.5oz)


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