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Hand Forged Professional Flower Shears NS-30 Okubo Shears (大久保鋏)

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In the old town of Tokyo, there are still some blacksmith, called "Tokyo Kaji" turning out edged tools in the traditional "Hizukuri" method (no machine used, but just fire and hammer). We are proud to introduce Japanese traditional shears used for the Flower Arrangement from the Tokyo Blacksmith, Master Nozaki with "光吉紀" brandname. He is an only one maker now in Tokyo for flower shears, and is famous among flower arrangement teachers in Japan. This is the real professional flower shears built with his great craftsmanship for smooth and sharp cutting performance.

NS-30 Okubo Shears (大久保鋏) is Hizukuri forged from Hitachi Shrogami #2 White steel with 2-1/8" cutting blade, 5" handle and 7" overall lenth.

Shirogami #2 blade in 5.0mm thick, 55mm blade, 180mm overall, Weight 240g

Knife Model:Hand Forged Professional Flower Shears NS-30 Okubo Shears (大久保鋏)
Blade Material:  White Steel No.2
Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 60

Blade Length: 55mm

Blade Thickness: 5mm

Overall Length: 180mm

Weight: 240g


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