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Fumio Inagaki

Fumio Inagaki & Tosa Blacksmith, Kosuke Muneishi Collaboration MIC-90 Custom Camp & Trail Knives

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Mr. Fumio Inagaki is my longtime friend since he was working for Master Seizo Imai 30 years ago. After opening his own workshop, he is aggressively attending many knife shows in Japan with his unique hand-made knives from miniature knives to large Bowie type knives. Mr. Inagaki Knife is tough and wild as same as his personal characteristics!

For years, we have been working for a project to produce the most durable forged blades using Japanese traditional "Tansetsu Warikomi" (鍛接割込) forge welding method, that requires long experienced special skills to wrap insert Hagane hard cutting steel (鋼) into Nantetsu soft steel (母材).

For this forging work, we chose the Tosa Blacksmith, Kosuke Muneishi, the 3rd generation of Muneishi Blacksmith family. He uses 40mm wide x 19mm thick Nantetsu soft steel forged 20 layers for outer base steel, and cut split by chisel Tagane and insert Aogami #2 (Hitachi Blue steel) cutting Hagane core into the split. Then, the repeated hammer hot forging makes two different steels bonding together and creates beautiful Damascus patterns. This is a time consuming process with skilled technology, and makes the most durable multi-layered blade to bending and breaking.

For the blade polishing and putting handle work, we chose Seki Custom Knifemaker, Fumio Inagaki. We have searched and imported rare Exotic wood materials for the handles. It took about a year to receive forged blade blanks from Master Muneichi, and then 3 months for Mr. Inagaki to finish the knives and sheaths. This collaboration work has combined Japanese traditional forged blade and western style handle, resulting a practical and durable knives for hard use. 

MIC-90 Aogami Damascus Camp & Trail Knives:   Drop point Wide blade made of Hitachi Aogami #2 core Hagane forge wrapped with 20 layers Nantetsu soft Damascus steel with  Hamaguri-ba (Convex grind) edge, You will see the exposed core Hagane on back of the blade tip area, Exotic Pau Rosa wood handle + Box Elder & Black Fiber spacers with solid Brass hilt and Nickel silver rivets, Hidden tang with tubular lanyard hole on end ,  Comes with custom made heavy-duty Leather sheath with soft Ho-wood liner for perfect fitting, 

Available in 3 blade sizes:

MIC-90L  Large, 8-1/2" (215mm) blade in 6.2nn thick, 13-1/4" overall, weight 410g

MIC-90M  Medium, 7-1/4" (185mm) blade in 5.0mm thick, 12-1/4" overall, weight 350g

MIC-90S  Small, 6-1/8" (155mm) blade in 5.0mm thick, 11-1/4" overall, weight 310g


Knife Model: Fumio Inagaki & Tosa Blacksmith, Kosuke Muneishi Collaboration MIC-90 Custom Camp & Trail Knife
Blade Material: Aogami No.2 Damascus 
Rockwell Hardness (HRc):  62

Handle Material: Exotic Pau Rosa wood handle + Box Elder & Black Fiber spacers 

Custom Leather Sheath: Included.


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