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Takeshi Saji

Echizen Blacksmith, Takeshi Saji is the leading knife maker in Takefu city, another town of cutlery. Creating unique Hunting Knives with ingenious ideas and traditional technology in overwhelming power.

 Takeshi Saji was born in 1948 at Takefu city of Fukui prefecture, another knife city famous for Echizen Uchihamono (Hammer forged knives). He was appointed as the "Traditional Craftsman". Unlike Seki knives, his knife blades are shaped by hammer forging out of the laminated carbon steel. 

 He produces traditional Japanese style outdoor Hunting Knives with Hamaguri edge (convex edge). It comes with natural wood or bamboo scabbard. These are Custom Handmade knives (semi custom knife), and it will usually take about 90 to 180 days to finish after ordering. However, we carry inventories for immediate delivery on these selected best selling models.

Master Saji also makes unqiue Kitchen knives available at JCK