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Takeshi Saji

Mr. Nishino TN-1 Vivid Hunter

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The famous Echizen Forge Smith Takeshi Saji is now 74 years old. During his long career, he has made a great and lasting impact upon the next generation of young Echizen forge smiths and craftsmen.


In recent years, a large number of young forge smiths and craftsmen have decided to work as knife makers in Echizen City (Takefu City), Fukui Prefecture. Many of them were attracted to Echizen because of the "Takefu Knife Village" cooperative, which was founded by Master Saji and several other veteran knife makers to train and support the next generation of forge smiths and craftsmen. We believe the soul, spirit and skills of these experienced forge smiths and craftsmen will continue to be handed down to these future generations of craftspeople over the coming decades, so a wide selection of unique and attractive traditional Echizen forged knives should be available for many years to come.


Recently, at the Seki Outdoor Knife Show, we met a passionate young forge smith called Mr. Nishino, who is one of Master Takeshi Saji’s apprentices.


TN-1 Vivid Hunter.  Mr. Nishino is seeking own style and design of custom knife collections. Polished 5.4 Inch VG-10 Custom Damascus Drop Point Blade comes with stylish and vivid accent "Two-Tone Custom Combination Handle (Turquoise Gem-Composite Stone and Desert Ironwood).  Nicely hand shaped his own design custom handle makes fine grip and unique appearance and own sense. A handcrafted brown leather sheath, which has a belt loop is also included with the knife. 


VG-10 Custom Damascus  in 2.4mm thick, 145mm blade, 262mm overall, Weight 199g



Knife Model: Asanuma TN-1 Vivid Hunter
Blade Material: VG-10 Custom Damascus Blade

Rockwell Hardness (HRc.): 61 to 62
Handle Material: "Two-Tone Custom Combination Handle (Turquoise Gem-Composite Stone and Desert Ironwood)

Leather Sheath: Handmade Brown Leather Sheath with Belt Loop 
Overall Length:262mm

Blade Length: 145mm
Blade Thickness: 2.4mm
Weight: 199g



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