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Mr. Miura

Katsuhiko Miura KM-7 Mini Art Knife "Eagle, Crane or Fox", White MOP Handle

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Mr. Katsuhiko Miura is the artist of the fine detailed etching, Japanese Urushi lacquer painting and inlay work. He is 77 years old now, and was running a small family based etching workshop in Seki for the blade etching with various knives produced by Seki knife factories for over 50 years. After retired, he has studied traditional Japanese Urushi lacquer art and resin craft as a hobby, and is now enjoying to perform these artistic skills to decorate some selected Seki made knives with art etching on the blades and bolsters, and Japanese Urushi lacquer painting on the handles, creating a beautiful one-of-a-kind "Art Knife" in his sensible touch of the wildlife scenes, birds and animals from his original drawings.

His work is so fine details on the hard-to-work small surface of metal and wood. As you can imagine, it is a time consuming work, and requires a concentration. It's hard for him to keep it for long at his age, so he only works when he feels comfortable and enjoyable. He likes sketching nature and enjoys going out for hiking nearby rivers and mountains.

His work is very limited, and each end of the year, he comes up with his collection he made during the year. Here are the limited collection of 2020 in time for Xmas gift:


KM-7 Mini Art Knife "Eagle, Crane or Fox" features Cute mini Pocket knife with Gold/Black etching of Eagle (KM-7A), Crane (KM-7B) or Fox (KM-7C) on blade, and Black etching of Eagle, Crane or Fox on Nickel silver bolsters (both sides). Mini Folding lock knife with 1-5/8" AUS-8 stainless steel blade, 2-1/8" Hand rounded White MOP handle with Nickel silver bolsters, Brass liners, Each in Walnut wood frame with magnet inlay and wall hanging strap on back. 

40mm blade in 1.7mm thick, 96mm in open, weight 30g

Knife Model: Katsuhiko Miura KM-7 Mini Folding lock knife "Eagle, Crane or Fox"
Blade Material: AUS-8 Stainless steel
Rockwell Hardness (HRc):  HRC58
Handle Material: White MOP with Nickel silver bolsters
Display case: Included.
Overall Length: 96mm
Blade Length: 40mm
Blade Thickness: 1.7mm
Weight: 30g



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