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Nobutaka Ohta

Nobutaka Ohta NO-11 Blue Steel No.2 Damascus Custom Premium TANTO V

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At the Seki Knife Show, we discovered some especially shiny knives made from a special steel, they had a powerful energy, yet they had beautiful details and were very precisely and meticulously finished.

These knives were made by the Veteran Custom Knife Maker Nobutaka Ohta, who has concentrated on making practical, high-end custom knives throughout his 30-year knife making career.

While we were chatting with him, it quickly became clear that he is a very  sincere and professional gentleman. In addition, whilst he is a veteran custom knife maker, he is still very positive and flexible.  

We understand that there have been big challenges during his knife making career and that great determination was needed to learn and hone the knife making skills and knowledge that he uses to produce his high-quality knives.

Mr. Ohta started his knife making career in the year 1989. He dedicated himself to learning custom knife making from top-ranked Japanese Custom Knife Makers. Mr. Ohta’s knife making philosophy and attitude are simple, but very important: He makes a great effort and takes great care to ensure that his knives will satisfy the user’s needs and preference. Genuine hunters select Mr. Ohta knives because they offer genuine cutting performance and practicality, the hunters also give Mr. Ohta valuable feedback and detailed requests, allowing Mr. Ohta to improve the quality and practicality of his knives until they better meet his customers needs.

His passion and his honest, sincere attitude have enabled Mr. Ohta to achieve the production of high-level custom knives. 

NO-11 Blue Steel No.2 Damascus Custom Premium TANTO V

Beautiful and Natural Taste, 7’ Blue Steel No.2 Damascus Carbon Steel, Spear Point-Tanto Style Blade. Very Distinctive and Rare Calamian Deer Stag Handle is securely fastened to the hidden tang, Nickel Silver Hilt & Butt. The Long years ago, Mr. Ohta accidentaly obtained the chance and opportunity to find this distinctive Stag material and decided to use the one for this beautiful Japanese Carbon Steel Damascus blade. 

Mr. Ohta always thoughtfully considers practicality and cutting performance, which is why he selected Japan’s reputable Carbon Steel Blue Steel No.2. (HRc. 62 to 63). Beautiful Blue Steel No.2 Damascus Tanto Style-Spear Point Blade makes excellent cutting performance, edge retention and ease of re-sharpening.

Blue Steel No.2 Damascus Carbon Steel Blade : 4.5mm thick, 180mm blade, 321mm overall, Weight 234g

Knife Model: Nobutaka Ohta NO-11 Blue Steel No.2 Damascus Custom Premium TANTO V
Blade Material: Blue Steel No.2 Damascus Carbon Steel
Rockwell Hardness (HRc.): 62 to 63
Handle Material: Calamian Deer Stag Handle with Nickel Silver Hilt & Butt

Leather Sheath: Custom Handmade Buffalo Leather Sheath
Overall Length: 321mm (12.6 inches)
Blade Length: 180mm (7 inches)
Blade Thickness: 4.5mm (0.17 inch approximately)
Weight: 234g (8.2oz)


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