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Seki Cut

Seki Cut SC-243 Black Tanto Hunter, Small

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In 1992, twenty outdoor knife manufacturers in Seki formed an Outdoor Knife Section at the Seki Cutlery Association to promote their outdoor knife products. In 1999, this group firms decided to work more closely together and sell selected products from each in the world market under the brand name of “Seki-Cut”.

SC-243 Black Tanto Hunter, Small is the traditional Tsuchme "Hammered Texture" of this heavy-duty, backcountry knife is truly unique and it features a Japanese High Carbon steel blade core that is sandwiched two layers of soft iron. This knife comes wiht a Walnut wood handle, a Nickel silver bolster and a beautiful Leather sheath.

SC-243 Small 120mm blade lendth (4.7 inch blade), 230mm overall (9 inch), weight 168g

Knife Model: Seki Cut SC-243 Black Tanto Hunter, Small
Blade Material: Japanese High Carbon Steel San Mai, Black Forged
Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 60
Handle Material:  Walnut wood handle, a Nickel silver bolster 
Leather Sheath: Included.
Overall Length: 230mm
Blade Length: 160mm
Blade Thickness: 4.2mm
Weight: 168g



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