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Ritsu Maruyama RM-50 "ELEMENTARY BOWIE" ATS-34 Premium steel blade

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In 2008, Some of the Seki knife authorities have formed "Seki Challengers Knife Club" to train and inherit Seki traditional knifemaking technique and knowledge to young knife craftsmen in Seki. There are now 15 club members gathering once a month. They are working at Seki knife factories, and challenging to make their own knives after work and weekends.

JKD is trying to support and encourage them by introducing thier knives for sale. Here are some of the latest knives received.

Mr. Ritsu Maruyama is a young talented and aggressive knife maker working at Hattori Hamono as an apprentice to the  Grand Master Ichiro Hattori. He likes to make tactical knives and pays attention to the detail for a perfect fit and finish. Since his time is limited to after work and weekend, he can make only one or two knives in a year. Last year, we have introduced his first knife of the Sub-Hilt Fighter", and was quickly sold out. As a practice knife maker, he devotes tremendous times to make one knife, a perfect finish knife ignoring profitability. 

On end of 2022, Ritsu has opened his own workshop and became individual custom knifemaker. Congratulations! His dream come true at young age. He just came up two new models he has produced in these six months.

RITSU MARUYAMA RM-50 "ELEMEMTARY BOWIE" This is an elegant Bowie style knife of 5-3/4" Hitachi Premium ATS-34 steel Concex grind blade in 5.8mm thick, Half mirror polished and then satin brushed hairline finish,  4-1/2" Hand contoured Cocobolo wood handle with SUS304 Stainless steel Hilt, spacer and butt & screw, Hidden tang. Comes with Custom made Leather sheath, Black soft leather wrap, Engraved Brass plate and Zippered Nylon pouch.

ATS-34 blade in 5.8mm thick, 145mm blade, 201mm overall, weight 194g

Knife Model: Ritsu Maruyama RM-50 Elementary Bowie knife
Blade Material: ATS-34 Hitach Premium steel 
Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 60-62
Handle Material: Cocobolo wood with SUS304 Hilt & Butt
Overall Length: 201mm
Blade Length: 145mm
Blade Thickness: 5.8mm
Weight: 194g

We have recently received very good words about Ritsu Maruyama's work from the knife enthusiast and collector,  Brett in Washington who bought most of his knives made so far:

The very first time I saw a Ritsu Maruyama knife I knew I was looking at superior craftsmanship, outstanding quality, perfect fit & finish and an attention to detail you find in the works of the most seasoned and skilled knife makers. To my amazement it was his very first knife called “The Little Fighter” made in his limited spare time for the “Seki Challengers Knife Club” for the most talented young makers while apprenticing for the Grand Master Ichiro Hattori. I could tell instantly from the photos it was an incredible piece that was perfectly made so I purchased it without hesitation. The knife was absolutely gorgeous and surpassed my expectations in every way. After only one knife Ritsu became my favorite maker and I have checked the JKD website every day since waiting/hoping for a new knife from Ritsu. I now have eight amazing works from Ritsu and have commissioned him for an incredibly difficult Wakizashi which he is currently working on. Each knife seems to surpass the one before with the emerging skill of a long time master blade smith. Imagine my surprise when I found out he is only 25 years old and largely self taught. I showed his works to a couple of my knife making friends, both great makers in their own right who couldn’t believe he was only 25 years old and thought he must have come from a long line of master makers in his family to be as highly skilled as he is which apparently is not the case. Ritsu says the key parts of his skills are self taught and claims that YouTube is a good textbook. Not only is Ritsu a master at bladesmithing, but is also a master wood and leather craftsman as well. His handle and sheath making abilities are second to none with the same superior quality and craftsmanship he dedicates to every single tiny detail of his blades. Ritsu quickly became and will forever be my favorite knife maker and in my mind may already be one of the greatest all around craftsman on the planet! He has already won “Art Knife of the Year” award at the 2023 JKG Knife Show and would have won again this year had he been able to complete the amazing  “Frigate”  fighting knife in time. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a beautiful Ritsu Maruyama piece then you also will surely be hooked on his absolute mastery of all facets of blade smithing and will quit possibly have a new life long favorite knife maker as I do. His artful skill at making incredibly beautiful and amazingly well built blades, handles and sheaths make for a complete package that is rarely found, hard to beat and will be treasured for many lifetimes! Thank you so much Ritsu for pouring your heart, blood, sweat and tears into every piece you create. Thank you for the great treasures you have already given me and the many more to come. Lastly, thank you for being as kind a person as you are a great knife maker! If you are looking for a very special treasure that may be handed down generation to generation you certainly will not be disappointed with the elegant, beautiful  handcrafted works of master maker Ritsu Maruyama. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you surely will in the near future! He’s destined to be one of the greats. In my mind he already is! Thanks again, Ritsu and thank you JKD for being one of the best knife stores in the world and for being so wonderful to work with. Your communication is second to none and I receive my packages from you here in the United States faster than I do from the US based stores. Keep up the great work, all! Thank you very much, Brett


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