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Seiji Yanagiba YS-6 Custom Core-Less Damascus Higonokami Folder

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In 2008, some of the knife authorities in Seki formed the "Seki Challengers Knife Club" to train and impart traditional Seki knife making techniques and knowledge to young Seki knife craftsmen. There are now 15 club members, who gather once a month. They all work at Seki knife factories, and are challenged to make their own knives after work and at weekends.
JKD is trying to support and encourage them by introducing their knives for sale. Here are some of the latest knives received:
Mr. Seiji Yanagiba recently become 60 years old, for many decades, he has worked hard as a knife craftsman in Seki City. During this time, he has worked for several of Seki City’s famous knife manufacturers and kitchen knife manufacturers and gained a lot of knife making knowledge, experience and skills.
He has a passion for custom knife making and he often attends Japanese Custom Knife Shows, always trying to learn as much as possible from the other veteran custom knife makers. Mr. Yanagida spends most of his spare time making custom knives. Through his continued efforts and attempts, he has steadily improved his skills and techniques and his custom knives now reflect his own unique character and sense of style.
YS-6 Custom Core-Less Damascus Higonokami Folder (Desert Ironwood Handle)
Hand polished, 3’ (77mm) Core-Less Damascus Drop Point Blade. Custom handcrafted, 4.3’ (110mm)  Desert Ironwood Handle. Comes with a custom handmade Brown Leather Slipcase / Sheath.

What is Core-Less Damascus ?

As you know, traditional Damascus clad knives are produced by forge laminating different layers of metal together, taking advantage of the strength of each piece as an integrated unit while ensuring any weaknesses are balanced out by each layer. Until recently, forge laminating two high carbon steel alloys together was considered impossible, but advances in laminating technology have now made it possible to laminate two different high carbon Hagane steel alloys, such as VG-10 and VG-2, together. Since VG-10 and VG-2 are both Hard steel, the layered Damascus steel can be used for the entire blade, including the cutting edge; This is known as a "Core-less Damascus" blade. Thanks to this state-of-the-art technology it is possible to create a 'perfect blend' that offers a long-lasting, extremely sharp cutting edge and is also resistant to bending, breaking and rusting. The right blend of steel layers can also produce wonderful patterns.
Core-Less Damascus blade: 2.6mm thick (0.1 inch), 77mm (3 inch) blade, 185mm (7.2 inch) overall, Weight 45g (1.58 oz)


Knife Model: Seiji Yanagiba YS-6 Custom Core-Less Damascus Higonokami Folder
Blade Material: Core-Less Damascus stainless steel 
Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 59 to 60
Handle Material: Desert Ironwood Handle
Overall Length: 185mm
Blade Length: 77mm
Blade Thickness: 2.6mm

Weight: 45g



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