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NOBUAKI YAMAMOTO NY-30 "EDC Utility Hunter" Solid VG-10 Blade

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In 2008, Some of the Seki knife authorities have formed "Seki Challengers Knife Club" to train and inherit Seki traditional knifemaking technique and knowledge to young knife craftsmen in Seki. There are now 15 club members gathering once a month. They are working at Seki knife factories, and challenging to make their own knives after work and weekends.

JKD is trying to support and encourage them by introducing thier knives for sale. Here are some of the latest knives received.


Mr. Yamamoto is a talented and experienced knife maker working at Hattori Hamono for over 20 years as a first and chief apprentice to the  Grand Master Ichiro Hattori. He has been working very hard to learn Master's skills and techniques, and gained Master's endorsement to be an outstanding knife craftsman. He is allowed to make his own custom knives only after normal work and off days, so it will take a few months to finish one knife. In June, we have introduced his first knife of the VG-10 high Mirror polished EDC Utility Hunter, and quickly sold out. These are his second challenge to re-produce EDC Utility Hunters in five (5) different varieties of designs, handle materials and sheaths. 

The NY-30 series have 4-1/2" Hi Mirror polished VG-10 Hamaguri-ba (Convex edge) blades with 4-1/2" Hand contoured Orange (NY-30A) or Black (NY-30B) Linen Micarta handles with Black Fiber spacer (NY-30A) or Yellow Fiber spacer (NY-30B), Full tang with two Nickel silver rivets and tubular lanyard hole on end, Comes with Hand fitted Brown Custom Leather sheath, 

VG-10 blade in 2.8mm thick, 110mm blade, 220mm overall, weight 130g

NY-30A Orange Linen Micarta handle with Black fiber spacer

NY-30B Black Linen Micarta handle with Yellow fiber spacer

Knife Model: Nobuaki Yamamoto NY-30 EDC Utility I Hunter
Blade Material: Solid VG-10 
Rockwell Hardness (HRc): 59 to 60
Handle Material: Available in 2 colors Linen Micarta
Overall Length: 220mm
Blade Length: 110mm
Blade Thickness: 2.8mm
Weight: 130g


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