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Mr. Itou R-2 Custom Damascus Knives

Mr. Itou IT-46 "Drop point Hunter" 4-1/8" R2 Damascus Blade, Exotic Combo Handle

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Hottest Custom Knife Maker Mr. Itou produced his original custom Damascus blade using special powdered steel R-2.

We had so many good words from the users for the extremely sharp cutting and edge retention ability. The secret of this is the finest powdered steel R-2 blade and the repeated hammering forging process. 

Another secret is he uses a large water stone wheel with slow rotating to grind his blades, unlike the normal belt sander grinding. This will prevent over-heating the blade to ruin the proper hardness and its chemical characters.

Mr. Itou also stick to rare and unique natural materials for the handles, sourced from all over the world. Each of his knives comes with hand contoured unique custom handle.

Mr. Itou is now 80 years old, and intends to retire from his long knife making career for his health problem. The last batch we received in March, 2018 have sold out, and we just received new batch produced in 2019 and 2020.  This could be the last batch for his custom Hunting knives.

In here, we are proud to be offering these last and final collections of Custom Knife Collections from Mr. Itou.

IT-46 Drop point Hunter features 4-1/8" Drop point R2 Damascus blade, 4-1/2" Hand contoured Exotic Combo handle of Mammoth Ivory/Turquoise/Layered Japanese Lacquers with Mosaic Pins. Full tapered tang with stainless tubular lanyard hole on end, Comes with hand fitted DecorativeLeather sheath with belt loop.

105mm blade in 2.5mm thick, 217mm overall, weight 150g

Knife Model: Mr. Itou  IT-46 Drop point Hunter "Exotic Combo Handle"
Blade Material: R-2 Custom Damascus
Rockwell Hardness (HRc):  HRC62
Handle Material: Exotic Combo handle of Mammoth Ivory/Turquoise/Layered Lacquer with Mosaic Pins, tubular lanyard hole on end.
Leather Sheath: Included.
Overall Length: 217mm
Blade Length: 105mm
Blade Thickness: 2.5mm
Weight: 150g



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