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Fumio Inagaki

Fumio Inagaki FI-290 Skeleton Hunter, VG-10 Damascus Blade

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Mr. Fumio Inagaki is my long time friend since he was working for Master Seizo Imai 30 years ago. After becoming a Custom Knifemaker with his own workshop in Seki, he is aggressively attending many knife shows in Japan with his unique hand-made knives from miniature knives to large Bowie type knives. Mr. Inagaki Knife is tough and wild as same as his personal characteristics!

FI-290 Skeleton Hunter:  One-piece construction lightweight Skeleton knife made of VG-10 core forge layered Stainless Damascus steel, 3-1/4" Hamaguri-ba (Convex edge) blade and 4-1/4" Skeleton handle with finger guard and 3 lanyard holes, Available in two blade shapes of FI-290A Drop point blade and FI-290B Spear point blade,  Comes with custom made Leather sheath

Your choice of FI-290A Drop point blade (bottom one on first photo) and FI-290B Spear point blade (top one on first photo)

VG-10 Damascus blade in 4.4mm thick, 80mm blade, 190mm overall , Weight 90g



Knife Model: Fumio Inagaki FI-290 VG-10 Damascus Skeleton Hunter
Blade Material: VG-10 Damascus

Handle Material: One piece construction of VG-10 Damascus

Overall Length: 190mm

Blade Length: 80mm
Blade Thickness: 4.4mm
Weight: 90g

Custom Leather Sheath: Included.


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