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Fumio Inagaki

Fumio Inagaki FI-160 Kukri Mini, 6-1/4" VG-10 Damascus Blade

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Mr. Fumio Inagaki is my long time friend since he was working for Master Seizo Imai 30 years ago. After becoming a Custom Knifemaker with his own workshop in Seki, he is aggressively attending many knife shows in Japan with his unique hand-made knives from miniature knives to large Bowie type knives. Mr. Inagaki Knife is tough and wild as same as his personal characteristics!

FI-160 Kukri Mini:  A smaller Mini version of his FI-150 Kukri Compact, Cute and easy to carry, yet Practical tool in the field. 6-1/4" VG-10 core forge layered Damascus V-grind blade with thumb notches on back, 5" Hand contoured Woodgrain Rosewood or Japanese Maple Wood handle with Nickel silver tubular lanyard hole on end, Full tang with Nickel silver rivets, Comes with Heavy duty Brown custom made Leather sheath . 

VG-10 Damascus blade in 4.2mm thick, 160mm blade, 290mm overall , Weight 275g



Knife Model: Fumio Inagaki FI-160 Kukri Mini
Blade Material: VG-10 Damascus 
Rockwell Hardness (HRc):  60

Handle Material: Rosewood (FI-160A) or Japanese Maple wood (FI-160B)

Overall Length: 290mm

Blade Length: 160mm
Blade Thickness: 4.2mm
Weight: 275g

Custom Leather Sheath: Included.


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