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New Saji  TS-130  "Koi-Nobori" o@Available in 5 colors


4-1/4 inche blade Practical Utility Hunter,  9 inches Overall.


    Hitachi Shirogami (white steel) layered Damascus blade in 4.2mm thick, Stained wooden handle with Koi fish skin-like leather and rattan wrapped with blackened Metal Hilt. Available in five different colored leather handles. Comes with brown leather sheath.  230mm overall, weight


TS-130A  Black    Retail $185.00     JKD  $139.00   SOLD OUT 


TS-130B  Red    Retail $185.00     JKD  $139.00   SOLD OUT



TS-130C  Blue    Retail $185.00     JKD  $139.00   SOLD OUT



TS-130D  Green    Retail $185.00     JKD  $139.00   Available Now


TS-130E  Yellow    Retail $185.00     JKD  $139.00   Available Now 


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