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 MC-9  Kamon (Family Crest) Folder Series
(This series have been discontinued)

 mc9 series.jpg
The Kamon Folder Series features laser engraved Kamon crests on the solid stainless steel handles. The blades are made from a VG-10 core forged with 33 layered nickel Damascus steell. The handles have a checker engraved back and use an anodized pivot pin with special oiled washer system for smooth blade action. Each knife comes with a traditional woven Nishijin pouch.

The MC-9 Series are 3-1/2h closed. Approx. weight 3 oz.




 MC-91D  "AOI"  Crest

Retail  $225.00   JKD  $169.00  Sold Out 


 MC-92D  "KIKYO"  Crest

Retail  $225.00   JKD  $169.00  Sold Out


 MC-93D  "TSURU"  Crest

Retail  $225.00   JKD  $169.00  Sold Out 


 MC-94D  "FUJI"  Crest

Retail  $225.00   JKD  $169.00  Sold Out 



 MC-95D  "MATSUBA"  Crest

Retail  $225.00   JKD  $169.00  Sold Out  


 MC-96D  "KAEDE"  Crest

Retail  $225.00   JKD  $169.00  SOLD OUT 



 MC-97D  "SASA"  Crest

Retail  $225.00   JKD  $169.00  Sold Out 


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