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 MC-6  Fixed Blade Series
(This series have been discontinued)

 mc6 series.jpg
 The first fixed blade knives from Mcusta featuring featherweight slim design all-purpose utility knife suitable for trout and bird hunters. The blade and handle are one-piece construction of VG-10  core forged  with  33  layered nickel Damascus stainless steel.  The handles are contoured and grooved, inlaid with exotic handle slabs and includes a lanyard hole. Each knife comes with a black leather sheath.

3-1/2h blade and 7h overall. Approx. weight 1-1/2 oz





MC-61D   VG-10 Damascus blade, Black Linen Micarta handle

Retail $250.00  JKD $184.00  SOLD OUT  



MC-62D   VG-10 Damascus blade, Cocobolo wood handle

Retail $250.00  JKD $184.00  SOLD OUT 



 MC-63D   VG-10 Damascus blade, Turquoise handle

Retail $315.00  JKD $234.00  Sold Out 



 MC-64D   VG-10 Damascus blade, Spiny Oyster handle

Retail $350.00   JKD $259.00   SOLD OUT 



MC-65D   VG-10 Damascus blade, Malachite handle

Retail $350.00  JKD $259.00  SOLD OUT 


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