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 MC-12D  Tactility Elite Damascus Series

4/25/19 Up! Upgraded at New Products


The Damascus blade version of MC-12 Series

The MC-12D Tactility Elite Damascus Folder Series are elegant yet functional tactical knives with anodized ambidextrous thmb studs. They use a locking liner for a secure lock and are available with a veriety of exotic handle materials. The blades are VG-10 core forged with 33 layers Damascus stainless steel and have a Teflon washer system for smooth action. The MC-12D series comes with a decorative pocket clip that is reversible and is designed to allow the knife to be carried low in your pocket with the tip-up for quick deployment.

 The MC-12D series are 4-1/2" closed,  3-5/8" blade and 8" overall in open.  Approx. weight 3 oz.






 MC-121D  VG-10 Damascus blade, Black Micarta handle

Retail  $230.00  JKD  $172.00  Available Now




 MC-122DR  VG-10 Damascus blade, Cocbolo wood handle

Retail  $240.00  JKD  $180.00  SOLD OUT 



MC-123D  VG-10 Damascus blade, BlackKorian MGV handle

Retail  $250.00  JKD  $187.00  Available Now 



 MC-124D  VG-10 Damascus blade, Quince Burl wood handle

Retail  $280.00  JKD  $210.00     SOLD OUT (Discontinued)


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