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 MC-10  Stingray Folder Series
(This series have been discontinued)

mc10 series.jpg


The Stingray Folder Series use a black anodized cold forged and machined aluminum handle inlaid with Stingray skin for an unique look and feel. They use locking liner for a secure lock. The blades are made from solid VG-10 high carbon Cobalt stainless steel (Rc. 59-60) with anodized ambidextrous thumb studs and a special oiled washer system for easy opening. The knives come with an integral pocket clip that is designed to allow the knife to be carried low in your pocket for a neat appearance.

The MC-10 Series are 4-1/4" closed.  Approx. weight 3 oz.

4-1/4" closed





 MC-101  Black Stingray

Retail  $140.00   JKD  $104.00   Sold Out 


 MC-102  Maroon Stingray

Retail  $140.00   JKD  $104.00   SOLD OUT 


 MC-103  Blue Stingray

Retail  $140.00   JKD  $104.00   Sold Out  


 MC-104  Brown  Stingray

Retail  $140.00   JKD  $104.00   SOLD OUT 


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