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2007 Blade Show & International Cutlery Fair

June 8-10, Cobb Galleria Centre, Atlanta, GA

     This was the 26th Annual Show, and is considered the gWorldfs largest Knife Showh. I have been attending this show from the beginning (26 years long, Wow!). This year, we had one booth for Mcusta knives and six tables for Kiku, Saji, Mcusta, Kanetsune, Seto and Nakamura from Seki, Japan.

     We all enjoyed meeting and talking with our customers during the 3 days show, and  would like to thank you again for visiting our booth and tables. 


 blade show.png

Blade Show Entrance


Mcusta Booth


Kiku with Award plaque


Happy young lady with Kiku knife


Kiku & Spencer at SOG booth


Busy Kiku table


Takeshi Saji

 mr. & mrs. nakamura.png

Mr.& Mrs. Nakamura


2007 SHOT Show Booth at Orlando


2008  SHOT Show Booth at Las Vegas


        Unfortunately, most of our knives are not available at your local dealers, so we regret that you don't have a chance to pick up our knives to see every details and feel how good our knives are in your hands.

        To give you some chances, we make a few shows at the U.S. major knife shows such as the Blade Show in Atlanta, Blade Show West in Irvine, CA and Knife Expo in Buena Park, CA.

       Please come visit us at these shows to say hello and see what we have. We also have many show specials that are not in this webiste.

       We also welcome dealer inquiry who is interested in carrying our knives at your stores.


~Seki Cutlery Festival & Outdoor Knife Show~


     On October 8 and 9, 2005, we had annual Seki-City (knife capital of Japan) event of gSeki Cutlery Festival & Outdoor Knife Show with 180,000 crowds visitors from all over Japan and some overseas for two days.


     This is the biggest event for Seki-City, attracting visitors in every aspect such as Sword forging, polishing and Iaido demonstrations, Sword collection display, Knife sharpening service & lecture, Wood carving lecture, Knife seminars, Custom & Factory made knife show, Tent sales of all kinds of cutlery at huge discount prices in the street (about 60 tents) and many more.


   At the Outdoor Knife Show, there were 66 tables of Japanese custom knifemakers including two overseas makers and 18 booths from Seki factory knifemakers and knifemakers supply.


   This will be a good opportunity for every knife folk to visit and see all about Seki Cutlery Festival held second week Saturday and Sunday of every October.


Please Visit for the updated information 



Seki Outdoor Knife Show


This is an anual show held in October.

2/25/10 Up!

Please visit the show website for details

tent sales.bmp

Street Tent Sales


Outdoor KnifeShow


Seki-Cut Booth


sword forging.png

Swords Forging

sword polishing.png

Swords Polishing

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