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 Mr. Imai SI-500 Series  "LOVELESS CITY KNIFE"  Drop Point Model



SI-500  "CITY Knife"  2-1/2" Drop point VG-10 Core layered Nickel and Stainless Damascus fixed blade, 3-1/4" Genuine Stag horn handle with Layered Nickel and Stainless Damascus Bolster, Brass pins and lanyard hole, 5-3/4" overall, Weight 60g, Comes with Brown tubular leather sheath with Brass Carabineer belt hook

JKD Special $330.00  Available 



 SI-510  "CITY Knife"  Same as above, but with Jigged Bone handle

JKD Special $330.00  Available 



SI-520  "CITY Knife"  Same as above, but with Genuine Ivory Horn handle

JKD Special $380.00  SOLD OUT 



SI-530  "CITY Knife"  Same as above, but with Imitation Tortoiseshell handle

JKD Special $330.00  Available 



 SI-540  "CITY Knife"  Same as above, but with Christmas Tree Handle

JKD Special $330.00  Available 


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