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  lum logo.gif       Bob Lum Design Knives by Seki-Cut


In 1999, I was involved with the Seki Cutlery Association's project (Seki-Cut brand) to develop new line of knives designed by the world renowned knife designers and manufactured by the selected Seki knifemakers.

One of the designers we chose was Bob Lum, and I have personally worked with Bob closely and finally created the "Encounter" series Tactical Folders produced by Suetake, and "Hunter" series Fixed blade knives produced by Hattori.

I have enjoyed working with him and thank for his fine work.      Jemmy Iwahara 

  Robert W. Lum  (1943 - 2007)

This is a picture of Bob Lum with his designed Encounter folder at the Oregon Knife Show in 2006. Unfortunately, he has passed away in December, 2007. We've lost a great knife maker and designer.


Born in Astoria, Oregon, USA in 1943 as the 3rd Generation of Chinese American. Diploma,  Brooks Institute of Photography with 30 years experience in photography and camera sales.

Began making knives in 1976 with 31 years in the profession. Member of "Knifemakers Guild" since 1979. As a full time knifemaker, he has received many Awards such as "Best Hunting Knife" Southern California Blade Show, "Number One Tactical Knife Award-1999" Contemporary Metal Werks Expo etc. He was the first custom knifemaker to introduce  the Tanto-style blade to the United State, and made some collaborative design works with Spyderco for Bob Lum Folding Tanto and Bob Lum Chinese Folder, and with Seki-Cut for Bom Lum Encounters. His latest work was with Benchmade for the Dejavoo

We've lost a very talented Knife maker and designer.

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Bob Lum "Encounter"

       Bob Lum "Hunter"
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