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 lum logo.gif    Bob Lum Design (Seki-Cut Collaboration)


MCUSTA     Img11.jpg

The hottest brand of Precision machine Custom knives produced by Marusho with modern technology.

SEKI CUT         Img12.jpg 

        The collaborate brand of Seki Cutlery Association by twenty members of the Seki Outdoor knife manufactures

HATTORI         Img14.gif 

The ultimate line of knives by the old craftsman, Ichiro Hattori with his never compromise character and craftsmanship

    Kiku Matsuda Img853.png 

                                The world #1 blade grinder who has a magic hand.  

Mr. Itou  Img979.jpg 

Hottest Custom Knife Maker Mr. Itou produced his original custom Damascus blade using special powdered steel R-2


TAKESHI SAJI    Img16.gif@

The Traditional Japanese knives, hand forged by Echizen forge smith, 

Takeshi Saji who has been appointed as "Traditional Craftsman" by M.I.T.I.

SPECIALS          Img10.gif      

From time to time, we will introduce New products, Limited editions, One of the kinds, Special models,

Closeouts etc., so please keep watching this special section

          Koji Hara       Img338.gif       

Japan's top custom knifemaker, creating a masterpiece of the Art knife with Japanese soul

 SEIZO IMAI     Img61.jpg  

Talented Custom knifemaker in Seki, creating fine detailed handmade Replica knives with 45 years of knifemaking experiences and skills

 Img772.jpg   JKD Gift Wrapping Service

  TAK FUKUTA    Coming soon!!

 First Japanese member of the American Knifemakers Guild

G.SAKAI        g.sakai.jpg     Coming soon!!

The leading and innovative knifemaker in Seki.

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