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 MC-9  Kamon (Family Crest) Folder Series

 mc9 series.jpg
The Kamon Folder Series features laser engraved Kamon crests on the solid stainless steel handles. The blades are made from a VG-10 core forged with 33 layered nickel Damascus steell. The handles have a checker engraved back and use an anodized pivot pin with special oiled washer system for smooth blade action. Each knife comes with a traditional woven Nishijin pouch.

The MC-9 Series are 3-1/2h closed. Approx. weight 3 oz.




 MC-91D  "AOI"  Crest

Retail  $225.00   JKD  $169.00  Sold Out 


 MC-92D  "KIKYO"  Crest

Retail  $225.00   JKD  $169.00  Sold Out


 MC-93D  "TSURU"  Crest

Retail  $225.00   JKD  $169.00  Sold Out 


 MC-94D  "FUJI"  Crest

Retail  $225.00   JKD  $169.00  Sold Out 



 MC-95D  "MATSUBA"  Crest

Retail  $225.00   JKD  $169.00  Sold Out  


 MC-96D  "KAEDE"  Crest

Retail  $225.00   JKD  $169.00  Available Now 



 MC-97D  "SASA"  Crest

Retail  $225.00   JKD  $169.00  Sold Out 


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