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 MC-8  Kamon (Family Crest) Money Clip Folder Series

 mc8 series.jpg

 The Kamon Money clip Series fearture an unique,  skeletonized frame lock with an integral and sturdy money clip. Each money clip is laser engraved with a traditional Japanese family crest (Kamon). All stainless steel construction with 2" long AUS-8 blade.

The MC-9 Series are 3" closed. Approx. weight 2 oz.

2h blade and 3h closed





 MC-81    "AOI"  Crest

 Retail  $90.00   JKD  $69.00   Available Now



 MC-82    "KIKYO"  Crest

 Retail  $90.00   JKD  $69.00   Sold Out



 MC-83   "TSURU"  Crest (Crane)

 Retail  $90.00   JKD  $69.00   Available Now  



 MC-84    "FUJI"  Crest (Wisteria)

 Retail  $90.00   JKD  $69.00  Available Now 


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